Fall 2012

Unitards & Leobrows
Student Art Spaces
Oct. 26 – Nov. 17
907 Floyd Ave. Richmond, VA

The Student Art Spaces are enthusiastically announcing their upcoming show Unitards & Leobrows. Featuring work by Zoe Golden and Alicia Hagy, Unitards & Leobrows is an interactive exhibit of the carnivalesque and absurd.

Unitards & Leobrows also includes an collaborative unicorn room! Bring any and all unicorns to put in the show or make your own opening night.
Unicorn room inspired by Ara Jang.

Opening reception this Friday, October 26 at 6 PM.
We hope to see you there!

Alicia Hagy
As a student of Art History and an aspiring Art Conservator, I have been wondering more and more about perspective and purpose in art, and which styles will be deemed important to future generations.  A good example of this current reconsideration is the Low Brow movement, which was started in the 1970s and featured generally humorous or sarcastic works deemed to be separate from the “fine” arts.  However, since the 1980s the status of Low Brow art has begun to change in prestige, and it is beginning to be recognized as a legitimate and important art movement.

For me, in particular, this subjective oscillation of an art movement or style’s worth, and its prospective claim to preservation makes me wonder about mug board art.  These pieces of commercial art are generally anonymous and for the purpose of spectacle, but does this mean that these works have no value to our history of art?  They currently appear to garner no need for historical preservation beyond what antique collectors or dealers deem necessary.  I believe that current conservators should look into enacting an almost shift in this preservation paradigm, for anything as pervasive to growing western identity as the commercial mug board should be preserved and provided for future study.  Art Historians should also engage in the creation of art so that they can more fully understand the hierarchies that they are imposing on the art world.  Therefore, I wanted to create these mug boards in a fine art setting, and force the audience to work with them in a fine arts setting, in order to fully appreciate and understand these works.

Zoe Golden
During my time in the Painting and Printmaking Department at VCU, I’ve focused on making works on paper using the processes of lithography, etching, and screenprinting. I’m interested in manipulating the traditional idea of a print edition by monoprinting, chine colle, and mixed media collage. I’m inspired by the sense of humor and narrative qualities of David Shrigley and Trenton Doyle Hancock, the photography of Andy Warhol, and folk artists like Henry Darger and Howard Finster, as well as religious imagery and carnival banners. I am interested in contradicting sweet imagery in pastel and metallic colors against dark humor and a sense of teenage angst, and I often use text within my prints to convey crushing boredom, anxiety, and spontaneous destructive behavior.

Inspired by films like Freaks and The Elephant Man, I am interested in carnival and circus imagery, particularly banners for sideshow performers. I’m intrigued by the human stories behind sideshow performers who were labelled freaks based on their unusual or disfigured appearances, as well as in the unique aesthetics behind the advertisements for these performers, which has informed my own use of text. Mug boards are a traditional carnival attraction that has become a ubiquitous part of our public consciousness as an often silly or tongue-in-cheek photo opportunity. I want to see how the viewer interacts with a mug board when it is treated as fine art by installing it in a gallery setting.


Student Art Spaces
Sept. 21 – Oct. 20
907 Floyd Ave. Richmond, VA

The Student Art Spaces are pleased to announce their kick-off show for the 2012-13 exhibition year, Homecoming. Curated by Kate Fowler, Ha Tran, and Mary Wood, this year’s SAS managerial team, Homecoming is a group show of work from across the VCUarts community. Featured undergraduates are Alexis Mattilla,  Allyn Smith and Ariel Tatterson, Byerly Young, Blake Gatti, Colleen Billing, Diego Valdez, Glenn Jodun III, Helen Stoddard, Joe Paulk, Lauren Lyon, Rachel Van Liere, and Sibelle Yuksek.

Images from opening night can be seen here.


Fall 2011 – Spring 2012
Soapbox Projects


Spring 2011 Exhibitions


Production, Cost

New work by Sculpture and Extended Media student, John Bliss

John Bliss’ recent work is directed towards object’s materiality and
how these objects may represent the human body in circumstance. Just as you or I
may find ones self in physical or emotional situations my work also encounters such
endeavors through friendly acquaintances, sexual ambivalence, and inevitable
mortality. I employ the use of items manufactured and found as both hold specific
meaning, which amplifies the moment in time in which the work exists. Giving
purpose to items by means of juxtaposition while using the personas of the objects
can allow for the work to be viewed as past memories, present actions, or future


Body Conscious

A site specific installation by Craft and Material Studies student, Molly Underwood

Molly Underwood is an artist living in Richmond, Va. She is currently studying at VCU in the School of the Arts Craft/Material Studies program. She loves Harry Potter and hopes to attend Penland and Peter’s Valley Craft Schools in the summer of 2011.

Her installation, Body Conscious, hopes to provoke thinking in the viewer about the boundaries of what is too close.

April 18 – May 2

Student Art Space, VCU Student Commons

907 Floyd Ave., Richmond, VA


New Works by Dahae Noh & Dylan Languell

A collection of paintings and an animation by Painting and Printmaking student, Dahae Noh presented along side Art History student Dylan Languell’s 160,000 Units.

Opening April 1 at 7 pm.

April 1-15

Student Art Space | VCU Student Commons

907 Floyd Ave | Richmond, VA | 23284

Dahae Noh grew up in South Korea and moved to America to study painting at Virginia Commonwealth University.  Her paintings and animations are reflections of diverse cultural backgrounds.  She paints on shaped panels that mimic the images of her childhood and inspiration, evoking flowers and effigies of South Korean and Japanese culture.

“My life’s experience is an inspiration for my work; reflections on childhood, textures in nature, movies, digital design (animation), and emotions that I experience…

..By cutting out the shapes they become simpler, in focus, and have a stronger meaning than on a canvas. The colors I use are strong, pastel or neon colors that I saw growing up in Korea. The colors are from toys I played with, the neon city lights of Seoul, and surrounding nature.  Having images on separate cut outs helps me to experiment more with different outlays. By juxtaposing the shapes in different ways a narrative can be created.”

Dylan Languell work 160,000 Units, page one of a series of mosaics done by the artist  is made up  cylinder plastic beads known as perls. The pallet displays a variation of 53 colors placed within square grids. Each grid consists of 900 beads, melted together presenting a landscape of over 60 color variations.

The work is referential to an impressionistic method. In that, the color formation persuades the viewer to fuse the combinations with the minds eye. Thus the interpretation animates the depth and range of the work. Continuing, the direction of medium, method, and imagery speaks to the capability of the unskilled populous.



an installation by Claire Brayshaw & Aileen Painter

Student Art Space, VCU Student Commons

Richmond, Virginia

March 9 – 23, 2011



Photgraphs by William Douglas and Charles Monaghan

Student Art Space

VCU Student Commons, Richmond VA

February 20 – March 6, 2011


Calling all sculptors, painters, cinematographers, musicians, space cadets

The Student Art Space Spring 2011 call for entries is open!  Proposals will be accepted until January 28th, 2011.

Refer to our submissions page for requirements and guidelines on how to apply.

Student Art Space

VCU Student Commons

Richmond, VA 23284

It’s a shame to let an empty glass case go hungry.

Nom nom nom….The Student Art Space Glass Case is hungry for modest sized art!

Peep the submissions page for suggestions and guidelines on how to feed it.

SAS Glass Case

VCU Student Commons

Richmond, VA 23284


Fall 2010 Exhibitions

Thanks to all of our Artists who exhibited this Fall!  We can’t wait to see your proposals for the Spring.  Look for our call-for-proposals earlier in January.

Amber Erickson & Zoe Donald

December 10th – TBA

Opening:  Friday, December 10th

Photos from exhibition:

New Work consists of paintings, prints, and sculptures by Painting and Printmaking students Amber Erickson and Zoe Donald.  The exhibition suggests a conversation with the cycle of life and death.  On a pedestal sits a large egg sculpture adorned with the image of a small child.  Next to Donald’s portraits of semi-nude men and women is hung a grid of graphic printed images of dead humans.  Erickson encourages viewers to take with them stickers of the images, affording the work a life beyond the gallery.  In the back room is hung the above painting of an elderly woman and a video depicting smoke.  On the near wall are Erickson’s etchings of bus tickets and Ethiopian money, suggesting the transient nature of life.



Christopher Carreon, Chris Page, Evan Sokal, Marshall Hawthorne & Sean Sweeney

Monday, November 15th – Sunday, December 5th

Opening:  Thursday, November 18th

Photos from exhibition:

Cerealism is an exhibition of painting, prints and drawings from Painting and Printmaking students Christopher Carreon, Chris Page, Evan Sokal, Marshall Hawthorne and Sean Sweeney. In the front room paintings encircle.  They range from Sokal’s seemingly mundane recontextualizations, Sweeney’s abstract panels, Hawthorne’s pointillist style portraits, Page’s apparently simple but honest portraits.  Carreon exhibited portrait drawings in the back gallery along with drawings and prints from the entire group.

more can be seen at


Two Weak Peek
Conor Backman & Ross Iannatti

October 25th – November 14th

Opening:  Friday, October 29th

Photos from exhibition:

Two Weak Peak is an exhibition combining sculpture, painting, and prints by Sculpture Students, Conor Backman and Ross Iannatti.  The show bears an eerie affection with reduction and memory.  Backman’s cereal box’s are stripped of their identity leaving the viewer to project upon them his/her own memories.  Artist’s Trashcan at first appears as a normal wastebucket filled to the brim with castaway papers.  Yet reveals its uncanny form to the viewer with unabashed honesty.  Iannatti’s sloping lottery cards and prints reveal their own history yet are cast in a new light, giving them further life from their discarded end.



Patrick Quinn

October 4th -October 24th

Opening:  Friday Oct. 8th

+Wall_Bulk was an exhibit of paintings by Painting and Printmaking major, Patrick Quinn.  Each piece bears a quality of immediacy but shear mass of paintings covering the wall exudes the prolific nature of Quinn’s work.



La Cara de Latinoamerica
Sandra Patricia Cornejo, Vreni Michelini-Castillo, and Sabrina Recabarren

Sept 25 – Oct 2
Opening:  September 28, 6PM

Photos from exhibition:

In the context of Hispanic Heritage Month, La Cara de Latinoamerica was an installation by Vreni Machillini, Sandra Cornejo, and Sabrina Recabarren.  On the interior walls hung plaster casts of the faces of Seventy-two local people of hispanic heritage.  They stood as lament and testament to a recent massacre of seventy-two innocent Latin and South Americans in Mexico.  On the near wall a collaborative mural between the artist was painted.


Until We only Remembered
Egbert Vongmalaithong and Seychelle Stableford

August 26th – September 10th, 2010
Opening Reception:  August 26th, 7PM

Photos from exhibition:

Until We Only Remembered consisted of three sculptures by Sculpture student, Egbert Vongmalaithong and a photographic series by Photography major, Seychelle Stableford.  The works illustrate ephemeral memories with hints of repressed sensuality.  The back room displayed a video of a veiled, tranquil Vongmalaithong, periodically revealing himself.

Thanks to Chris Conway from the CT for the great installation shots


Down to the Final Minute
Works by Robert Metzler

Closing Reception August 20, 2010, 7 PM

Down to the Final Minute is a collection of sculptures by Craft and Material Studies major Robert Metzler.  Metzler uses bronze and stainless steel in his figurative sculptures of miniature humanoids locked in an existential struggle with contemplation and being.


Spring 2010 & Fall 2009

Emma Shirley and Katie Fox

Shane Burklow

Janpim Wolf

Alexandra Barao and Ashley Melnichak